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Skymap Viewer [public]

  • Skymap Viewer shows GW event information visually on the sky
    • A "skymap" is a probability density on the celestial sphere: for the position of the source of the GW
    • for poster explaining interface see here
  • SV is an astronomical information system
    • zoom to arcsecond
    • multi-wavelength imagery gamma to radio
    • catalogs of galaxies and of galaxy clusters
    • links to NED/SIMBAD
    • local horizon and sun and moon
  • SV can show a skymap
    • contour plot with 9 decile contours
    • galaxies from GWGC catalog shown with size~likelihood
    • skymap histogram in latitude/declination
    • library of simulations "First2Years"
  • SV can show collections of rectangles on the sky
    • can get input directly from GraceDB (click button "view in Skymap Viewer")
    • add your own observation to GraceDB with the web form input
    • list of RA, list of Dec, list of sizes
  • Skymaps can be represented as
    • A Healpix/FITS file as built by LVC position reconstruction pipelines
    • A skymap.json file, with contour lines precomputed, and rich metadata
    • The former needs to be converted to the latter for input to SV (do it with this form)
  • Skymaps can be utilized from
    • GraceDB: click the button labelled "View in Skymap Viewer!" example
    • Your own software: use this form to input the skymap and/or the observations
    • The First2Years data release (see here and here)

How you can use Skymap Viewer

  • See galaxies likely to contain the GW source
    • click the button "Show Weighted Galaxies"
  • See the skymap against the sun, moon, milky way, and local horizon
    • fill in longitude, latitude (eg Pasadena = -118,34)
    • date comes from skymap, or edit it, or click "Now", then "Show Sky"
  • See the observation footprints that your fellow observers have taken
    • In GraceDB, click on "see it in Skymap Viewer", then click "Show Bulletin Board" at upper left
  • Try out your observation planning tool
    • show proposed observations that tile the skymap, by converting to JSON and put into the web form

-- RoyWilliams - 16 Dec 2014
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