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This is the community forum on multi-messenger observations connected to Gravitational Wave (GW) transient event detections. This forum has no requirements for participation -- anyone interested can join. This open forum started in January 2018. The LIGO-Virgo-KAGRA Collaboration will use this forum to communicate and interact with the community.

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Sign up to the OpenLVEM Forum at gw-astronomy.org: approval and subscription to the openlvem@gw-astronomy.org mailing list is automatic if you provide and confirm a valid e-mail address (for help on this topic, email gwastro-help@cgca.uwm.edu). Information about observing runs, how to receive alerts, and open science with LIGO-Virgo data will be communicated via OpenLVEM mailing list. The OpenLVEM forum will also organize occasional teleconferences and in-person meetings to foster communication with physicists and astronomers interested in multi-messenger observations connected to gravitational waves.



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