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LV-EM Open Forum Telecon "A"- Thursday, February 15, 2018 @08:00 UTC

The call will be one hour long.

You can connect to this telecon with either of two methods (the audio will be bridged):
  • Using the free TeamSpeak software: Download from here and install the software, preferably in advance. Please use either an anti-echo USB speakerphone (e.g. a "Phoenix box") or headphones to prevent echoes. At the beginning of the telecon, connect to the server at and use the password la$er. (Note to LVC members: this is not the usual LVC telecon server.) Once you are connected to the server, drag your name down to the "LV-EM Forum" channel. For more details and usage advice, see TeamSpeakInfo.
  • Telephone: Dial the access numbers 1-800-704-9804 (toll free in the US; possibly accessible toll-free via skype from outside the US too) and internationally 1-404-920-6604 with participant code 8295093# . To mute/unmute your line, press *6 .Please note this telecon, agenda, and minutes are not password-protected.



David Williams, Dean Roberts, Nial Tanvir, Taka Sakamoto, Tristano Di Girolamo, Dmitry Svinkin, Sarah Antier, Volodymyr Savchenko, Nicolas Leroy, Phil Evans, Shreyan Anand, Paul O'Brien, MAB, Francesco Verrecchia, Nelson Christensen, Jo van den Brandt, Taka Sakamoto, Eric Chassande-Mottin

Anonymous: CWS, TeamspeakUser, LV-EM, mssgill, Resmi


Marica presents the Slides about Town Hall meetings and new OpenLVEM FORUM

Nial: Town Hall plan sounds fine. Hope the new OpenLVEM registration system will be simpler.
Marica: Google accounts will be needed again.
Nial: current subscriber can be moved to the new system?
Marica: not possible
Sarah: chinese partners cannot access to Google
Marica: We're aware of the problem. Used ad-hoc system. Will need some time to make this work.

Marica presents the Slides about O2 GW event/preparation for the Open Public Alerts era

Nial/Phil E: include some way to capture the confidence in the FAR estimate
LV-EM: include mass estimate in the alert?

Marica: precise mass estimate become available when offline analyses complete (at least weeks later) and it is part of the core science of LVC
Phil: We would be interested in following up high FAR event
3D skymaps are very useful -- could we have the same sky-position dependency for the BNS indicator or the inclination?
Marica: why are you interested in sky dependent inclination?
Phil: inclination define brightness (model dependent) which then decides exposure. would target high or low inclination sky region in different ways.

Nial: Purity goal not robust for BNS (too low stats) -- would rely on FAR anyway, right?
Marica: true, particularly valid for burst as well.

David W: p_astro vs FAR ?
LV-EM: definition of p_astro?
Marica: FAR only based on background. p_astro also use knowledge of the astro population.
Nial: retraction even one day or two would be fine. It would be very useful that the LVC announce when would be the next update. Help to make decision whether to hold off and wait for the update, or start observations.
Phil: retraction of 20/40 mins is optimal for Swift. Agree with Nial.
David Williams: agree too.
Marica: One/two hours for retraction is our goal
Phil: Need clarification: in O2 had human verification. in O3 low significant events that are associated with an obvious glitch, will be retracted immediately by quick look for an expert or not?
Marica: the alert notice could go out immediately but (if clear artifacts) they will be retracted relatively rapidly, few hours, after inspection. (High FAR candidates could require the end of the run data analysis to be retracted)
Phil: this is perfect

-- ErikKatsavounidis - 09 Feb 2018
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