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Welcome to the OpenLVEM web

This is the community forum on multi-messenger observations connected to Gravitational Wave (GW) transient event detections. This forum has no requirements for participation -- anyone interested can join. This open forum started in January 2018. The LIGO-Virgo Collaboration will use this forum to communicate and interact with the community.


12 December 2018: [Update from LIGO-Virgo Spokespeople] We will not hold a call on 13 December. We don’t quite have a useful update ready yet for you on alerts and other preparations for the O3 Observing run; we’ll reschedule when we do. We will carry out the planned 13th Engineering Run (ER13) from December 14 2018 1600 UTC to December 18 2018 1400 UTC. LIGO Livingston has a vacuum valve that is undergoing repair. We are optimistic that it will be able to be fixed quickly, enabling Livingston to participate in the ER13, but in any event we will carry out the ER with LIGO Hanford and Virgo.

15 November 2018: [Update from LIGO-Virgo Spokespeople] During Engineering Runs and other times of stable instruments before the start of O3, no automatic alerts will be sent except as non-astrophysical tests. If a gravitational-wave candidate is identified and it appears to be during a time when the instruments are operating well enough to allow an astrophysical interpretation, the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration will manually check the data for validity. If the candidate is of significant interest, the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration will manually issue a public alert and updates as information becomes available.

Get started

Sign up to the OpenLVEM Forum at approval and subscription to the mailing list is automatic if you provide and confirm a valid e-mail address. Information about observing runs, how to receive alerts, and open science with LIGO-Virgo data will be communicated via OpenLVEM mailing list. OpenLVEM will also organize occasional teleconferences and in-person meetings to foster communication with physicists and astronomers interested in multi-messenger observations connected to gravitational waves.

A detailed Public Alert User Guide explains how to receive public alerts, documents the contents of those alerts, and explains how to interpret them. Questions specifically related to public alerts should be directed to the help-desk at contact+emfollow/


Townhall Meetings

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