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LV-EM Open Forum Telecon - Thursday, November 15, 2018 @15:00 UTC

Telecon time: 07:00 US Pacific / 09:00 US Central / 10:00 US Eastern / 12:00 Chile / 15:00 UK / 16:00 Central Europe / 20:30 India / 23:00 Australia West, China / 00:00 Japan (Fri Nov 16) / 02:00 (Fri Nov 16) Australia East

The call will be one hour long.

You can connect to this telecon with either of two methods (the audio will be bridged):
  • Using the free TeamSpeak software: Download from here and install the software, preferably in advance. Please use either an anti-echo USB speakerphone (e.g. a "Phoenix box") or headphones to prevent echoes. At the beginning of the telecon, connect to the server at and use the password la$er. Please find the microphone symbol at the top, 3rd from the left, and click on it to mute -- it starts with the microphone 'live'. (Note to LVC members: this is not the usual LVC telecon server.) Once you are connected to the server, drag your name down to the "LV-EM Forum" channel. For more details and usage advice, see TeamSpeakInfo.
  • Telephone: Dial the access numbers 1-800-704-9804 (toll free in the US; possibly accessible toll-free via skype from outside the US too) and internationally 1-404-920-6604 with participant code 8295093# . To mute/unmute your line, press *6 .Please note this telecon, agenda, and minutes are not password-protected.


(links to arrive shortly before the call)
  • Welcome and Agenda
  • Status of the instruments; Timeline on the ER13, ER14, and O3
    • Questions/ideas on this scope to Lisa Barsotti <>, Nicolas Leroy <>
  • Handling any events during Engineering Runs
    • During Engineering Runs and other times of stable instruments before the start of O3, no automatic alerts will be sent except as non-astrophysical tests. If a gravitational-wave candidate is identified and it appears to be during a time when the instruments are operating well enough to allow an astrophysical interpretation, the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration will manually check the data for validity. If the candidate is of significant interest, the LIGO-Virgo Collaboration will manually issue a public alert and updates as information becomes available.
  • Q&A
  • Detailed update on Public Alerts: Slides and LIGO/Virgo Public Alerts User Guide
    • Questions/ideas on this scope to Patrick Brady, Erik Katsavounidis, Sarah Antier, Leo Singer and the low-latency team at <contact+emfollow/>
  • Q&A
    • General questions/ideas on LVC-MMA communication and organization to Laura Cadonati <>, Jo van den Brand <>, David Shoemaker <>


-- PatrickBrady - 2018-11-09
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