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2019 03 14 11:16 OpenLVEM Town Meeting 100 Participants

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  • Welcome and Agenda
  • Status of the instruments; Timeline on the ER14, and O3
    • Slides
    • Useful links to preserve:
    • Questions/ideas on this scope to Lisa Barsotti <>, Nicolas Leroy
    • Questions
    • Lock is faster on L1; include GEO, but not sensitivity (Manji from Stanford) –
      • GEO's range is ~2 Mpc for binary neutron star mergers
      • 'MDC' = Mock Data Challenge
    • Slide3: Stability of Virgo vs. LLO and LHO
      • Is the stable performance real? Can be real. Some variation in LIGO detectors due to the commissioning, but also glitches
    • Locking: still learning how to use the instruments, and the instruments and the local sites are different
  • Update on run performance and Public Alerts:
    • Slides on Alerts for Today
    • LIGO/Virgo Public Alerts User Guide
    • David Williams: FAR
      • The rate we anticipate putting out, leading to the 10% contamination
    • "Heinz-Bernd Eggenstein" : hand up: Q: are there any plans for BURST MDC test alerts. This has been requested on the mailing list but I haven't seen any answer yet. ThX – Patrick: not planned; may try.
    • Alex Nitz:
      • 1) on terrestrial probability – how calculated for sources not yet observed? Patrick: Shasvath: conservative estimate. Alex: rates from upper limits? Possible to state the median rates at which we guess? Patrick We will document, almost ready.
      • 2) differentiating different CBC sources. Chirp mass estimates? Patrick: won’t include that for now.
    • "sjsmartt" : Hand up Q: Slide 4 clarification - does contamination of 10% (90% change of being real) equivalent to FAR ~ 1/2months ? Patrick: only know BBH rates so it completely dominates. So roughly right. Purity Rate is likely to be higher.
    • Maurice Van Putten: suppose we see an unanticipated signal but one which is clearly of astrophysical origin? Patrick: We have pipelines for these transients. False rate is 1/year; a strong signal would be far longer. Also, watching EM/Particle signals to help tease out these sorts of events. More later on that. Also EM observers have put together searches that put our OPAs together with GW data. Working hard on covering this well!
    • "Deivid" : hand up: will Healpix order for fits files in alert be NESTED or NUNIQ? Healpy does not seem to natively support NUNIQ? Patrick: please use the help link.
  • Q&A
    • A listing of conferences of interest to LIGO/Virgo/KAGRA, and also MMA topics, is maintained at -- please let us know if there are meetings we should add and bring to the attention of the LVK Community.
    • General questions/ideas on LVC-MMA communication and organization to

-- Main.David - 2019-03-14
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